Warrior Sikh woman Mata Sheel Kaur ji Sardarni Sada Kaur: Pioneer of the Sikh Kingdom Mata Khivi ji Preparing Langar(Community kitchen) When Mata Ganga sought the Blessings of Guru advised her to invoke the Blessings of Baba Budha, the most reverred Sikh. Going to Baba Budha to pay her respects, She carried with her Chapati, Onion, Curd and yogurt. While breaking the onion, the Baba pronounced, Soon you will be the Mother of Child  whose gallantr and valour will be unmatched  Guru Nanak Dev ji when he started his Udasis (religous tours) and shows his elder sister Bebe Nanaki ji encouraging him. The whole family can be seen along with Rai Bullar and Bhai Mardana. Sikh women missonery_JPG 3.Sikh-Foundation-Sikh-Women-Full-Calendar-sept 6-Sikh-Foundation-Sikh-Women-Full-Calendar-dec Mai Bhirayee (Virayee) was related to Sri guru Angad Dev as his aunt (sister of his father). After Sri Guru Nanak Dev�s soul mingled with the Eternal Light, Sri Guru Angad Dev came down to Khadoor Sahid and he stayed for a few days with Mail Bhirayee. Before he became (Guru), Guru Angad Dev went into hiding. During this period Mai Bhirayee served Guru Sahib in all respects. Today, at Khadoor Sahib, there is a beautiful Gurdwara in the memory of Mail Bhirayee. Guru Angad Dev remained Guru for a period of 13 years. Sikh Women Sikh Women Daughter's of Maharaja Daleep Singh